Best Traveling Duffel Bags with Shoe Compartment

Best Traveling Duffel Bags with Shoe Compartment

A duffel bag plays an important role while traveling. It serves as a great organizer to shove all your stuff. And its’ soft material always makes it easy to squeeze one more item into the bag when overpacked without much fuss.


Why is a Travel Bag with Shoe Compartment Better?

When I was still in college, it was the most pleasant time to go home once a month. What bothered me most at that time was how to put a pair of shoes in my luggage. Just put it in? That would stain my clothes and it would take up too much space; Put it in a shoebox? Then I would have to carry one more bag in my hand. It could be too heavy and bulky! Until I found a weekend bag with a shoe compartment: easy to carry, lightweight, and most importantly, it provides a separate compartment for shoes, and boom, no worry about the dirty shoes, you are good to go!



1. Leather Duffle Bag with Shoe Compartment

Men's Leather Travel Bag
Men's Leather Travel Bag

If you are looking for a leather weekender duffel bag that is durable, lightweight, and easy to travel with, this is it! It features a large capacity with a nice mix of large and small interior space for storing personal supplies, making it great for carrying different sizes of items like earplugs, lip balms, laptops, and worth of clothing. The reinforced copper zipper and the top layer of the genuine leather handle make this garment duffel bag sturdy and ideal for travel. There are two colors you can choose from.

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2. Female Carry-On Size Duffel Bag

Female Carry-On Size Duffel Bag

Female Carry-On Size Duffel Bag

Highly anti-scratch and tear-resistant, not easy to be torn, break, or out of shape when fully packed out. It has two modes of carrying: briefcase style via top handles and cross-body via a detachable leather shoulder strap. The sturdy and strong zip closure means you can pick up your luggage and go without worrying about anything dropping from your bag or worst, getting lost.

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3. Overnight Bag for Men

Men's Garment Bag Duffel Bag

Men's Garment Bag Duffel Bag

It is a super versatile water-proof duffel bag for men. You can use it as a travel bag, gym tote bag, or beach bag, a great choice for travel or daily use. Crafted from a lightweight technical fabric with vegan leather trim, this polished duffel provides great protection for your items and is sure to last a long time. The minimalist appearance and sophisticated PU leather will never go out of style, and it tends to look a little more professional when strolling into a business meeting.

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4. Black Canvas Luggage Bag

Women's Overnight Bag with Shoe CompartmentWomen's Overnight Bag with Shoe Compartment

Unassuming the minimalist-looking on the outside, it has lots of specialized pockets to hold and keep safely separate your essentials. This option is great for those female travelers who like to overpack or use their full allowance, but the size will not go too large. Suitable for business, travel, camping, or use as a shopping bag. It is perfect for a quick getaway.

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BOSIDU provides you with high-quality and stylish durable travel duffel bags. Whatever you are looking for, we plan to have it there for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!



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