Travel Makeup Organizer Bag to Transport Cosmetics Securely

Travel Makeup Organizer Bag to Transport Cosmetics Securely

Wearing makeup is a good idea to make you look gorgeous and radiant. For many, cosmetics are essentials that they can’t live without. Therefore, traveling with makeup is as important as traveling with some necessities for them.

And what can make your heartbeat stop suddenly during the trip? Reach your destination but find your makeup broken and spilled all over the place. Your journey is like your suitcase soiled with cosmetics — all ruined. What’s worse, most makeup products are pricey, and we all have a hard time saying goodbye to our favorites, let alone seeing them broken due to the bumpy road. So, having a travel cosmetics bag to keep all products safe and in order is extremely vital.


Are Makeup Products allowed in Carry-on Bags?

If you travel to or from the United States, you may have plenty of confusion out there as to bringing makeup products on a plane. According to the TSA rules, makeup in a solid or powder form can be brought onto the plane in your carry-on bag. And you can take as many travel-sized liquids as you can comfortably fit into a 1-quart-sized resealable bag. You will be required to take this bag out of your carry-on luggage when passing through the checkpoint.


How to Protect Your Cosmetics for Travel?

1. Check the caps before packing.

Make sure the makeup you bring is intact, especially double-check whether the cap is cracked.

2. Use scotch tape to seal the top of the makeup.

Liquids like perfume, foundation, and moisturizers need extra protection. Seal the cap along the top of the makeup with scotch tape to prevent leakage.

3. Use your clothing to wrap fragile items.

Your sweater, socks, and scarf are a natural barrier to cosmetics. Place your cosmetic bag for traveling into the center of your suitcase or duffle weekender bag. And use your soft clothing to wrap them around to reduce vibration and collision. However, please remember to use the first and second steps to ensure that the liquid will not leak out, or your clothes will be a complete catastrophe.

4. Opt for a portable cosmetic bag with a brush compartment.

Makeup brushes are necessary if you travel with cosmetics. Invest in a brush book to keep them in place and maintain the shape of the brushes. Some designer cosmetics bags with brush holders are better if you don’t want the brush book to take up luggage space.

5. Convert glass bottles of liquid into small plastic bottles.

Another smart thing to do to protect your makeup is to transfer as many glass bottles into plastic ones as possible. There are many affordable, lightweight mini-sized plastic bottles for travel out there. Pour an appropriate amount of liquid cosmetics into several small plastic bottles, which not only reduces the weight of the luggage but also prevents the bottle from cracking.


The Best Cosmetic Bags for Traveling

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