Water-Proof Work Tote Bag for Ladies

Water-Proof Work Tote Bag for Ladies

A tote bag probably is the most personalized and commonly used gear for a lady. Its versatility and convenience make people more inclined to choose it for commuting, traveling, and daily wear. And as for white collars and office ladies, a chic and practical tote bag is an ideal organizer for them to transport their work essentials (like a laptop, chargers, and papers) and daily necessities (such as a purse, makeup, and a bottle of water). If you are browsing around for a new carry-on tote bag, then you don’t miss the tote bags from Bosidu, which can meet all your needs no matter for travel or work.


Why do You Need a Water-Proof Tote Bag?

What makes a great laptop handbag for women? In my opinion, I will take the following factors into consideration when choosing a tote bag: material, size, capacity, and appearance. A tote bag made of water-repellent materials such as canvas and PU leather is the best for me. Since I am used to putting some makeup products such as lip gloss, a bottle of finishing spray, and sunscreen in my bag’s pocket to get me ready to freshen up at any time, or sometimes I just encounter a heavy rainy day, unfortunately. No matter what, if the liquid leaks out or the bag gets splashed on a rainy day, that will ruin all my stuff in the bag. Therefore, a water-proof tote bag can help our belongings keep dry and stay safe in the bag.


3 Multi-Purposes Womens Organizer Handbags

1. Large Capacity Canvas Waterproof Laptop Tote Bag for Women

Bosidu’s tote bags for carry-on must be casual and chic iconic pieces that are perfect for daily wear, and this tote bag for laptops perfectly illustrates this. There are 4 colors available (brown, black, brown zebra, and black zebra), they are all classic and attractive. The perfect size makes it easy to hold your laptop and other electronics, yet won’t go too large to make it difficult to search for a tiny item you need through the bag. What’s more, the bag is super capacious with plenty of compartments and pockets. A small wallet is included in the package, you can use it to fit your cell phone or some cosmetics to take on the go.

Tote Bag for Laptop


2. Water Resistant Canvas Women's Work Tote Bag

This personalized organizer tote bag features its premium material: well made of high-quality PU leather and canvas fabric, making your stuff protected well in the bag even if you are caught in heavy rain. A review says: “(This bag is) roomy with sufficient compartments for everything I need to carry.” Yep, the large capacity of this bag can serve you well for accommodating all your daily essentials. And the sturdy zipper closure can protect your belongings from splashing and damage. The minimalist-looking with black and white stripes makes it perfect for those women who don’t want to stand out yet have a taste of fashion. It will certainly gain you compliments from others.

Personalized Organizer Tote Bag


3. Waterproof Large Capacity Canvas Travel Purses and Handbags for Women

Made of PU leather and canvas materials, this cute handbag for ladies can promise long-lasting use. The casual style makes it suitable for shopping and other leisure activities. It is easy to clean, you can easily wipe off all surface water droplets and stains. This bag is small but still offers you a large capacity to hold a lot of things. You can use it as a travel cross-body bag too. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to sling it over the shoulder and is comfortable to carry when your hands are fully occupied. And the compactness makes you easily see what’s inside and a quick grab.

Cute Handbag for Ladies



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