Fabulous Day Bags for Work That Make Commuting Styled

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If there is one thing that women can’t live without in their work wardrobe, a trendy but practical carryall handbag is definitely on the list. It is not only a storage vessel to keep your stuff on hand during your commuting but also a fashion accessory to show who you are and what you want to be. Depending on your gender, profession, and purpose, there is a wide range of options out there, and this might include designer handbags for women, handbags for phones, work tote bags, luggage handbags, etc.

However, it is still a tricky affair to choose the right one despite so many choices to dazzle you. Now, if you want the comprehensive list, keep scrolling for the personalized work bags that make you look more polished and feel confident to conquer whatever your day has in store for you.


Shop Our Picks for the Best Work Tote Bags to Buy

Handbag Travel Bag

Handbag Travel Bag

For businesspersons who travel for work frequently or if you have short-term trips for important events, opt for a carry-on duffel bag. Its color goes with any formal dress. You will not feel awkward carrying this bag around.


Leather Laptop Handbag

Leather Laptop Handbag

Are you on the hunt for a handbag with laptop compartments? This laptop work bag fits the bill. Featured in the water-resistant material, this tote can easily handle bad weather. Its large capacity can store a laptop up to 15.6 inches, perfect for transporting working essentials.


Briefcase Tote Bag

Briefcase Tote Bag

A neat briefcase is a crucial element of professional attire for a businessman. This classic leather briefcase bag has three main pockets to meet all your business needs. And there are a few special holders for pens and business cards to keep suchlike small items off the bottom of the bag.


Pink Laptop Tote Bag

Pink Laptop Tote Bag

Get tired of neutral colors and want something special to complement whatever is in your closet? This pink messenger handbag for ladies is your best option. The pastel baby pink is eye-catching and gorgeous enough to show your taste in fashion. The foam pad provides your laptop with extra protection — so you never have to worry about the computer screen being cracked in the bag by accident.


Things You Shouldnt Carry in Your Handbag

Our modern handbags are a good assistant to keeping all the things stored safely in one place. If you prepare essential items in the bag, miracles happen when unexpected emergencies arrive. These things include an umbrella, tissue, and tampons. However, there are certain things that you should never put in your handbag for one reason or another.

  1. An entire makeup collection

If you wear makeup daily, sometimes you need a midday touch-up. But that doesn’t mean you should put a ton of makeup products in the bag, which will be a burden for your body. Just take your absolute essentials with you and make sure they won’t leak all over the content of your handbag.

  1. Valuables

Of course, it’s not probable that your handbag will be lost. But you can’t always watch your bag all day long. Sometimes thieves will cut your bag to steal things. So don’t put jewelry, a large amount of cash, and your credit cards in it if you’re not going to use them that day. Make sure to take out your phone from the bag if you have to leave the bag at your seat.

  1. A list of Passwords

Some people are used to marking down their passwords in their notebooks. But you should definitely avoid keeping this sensitive information written down on a sheet in your purse. It's much safer to store your passwords in a smartphone app that is also passcode protected or just don’t carry it around.

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