Good Travel Bags for Men & Women

Good Travel Bags for Men & Women

With a few months of relative normality behind us, many travelers itch to have a go for an agreeable trip in the upcoming season. And it is time to refresh our wardrobe with some fancy travel gear. However, choosing a good travel bag is a headache, not because there aren’t available options out there, but because there are too many. If you are not an over-packer or are inclined to travel light, a suitcase will burden you down. So here we have pulled together a list of travel bags that suit every occasion, keep reading and happy shopping!


1. Weekend Bag Backpack:

Most male travelers prefer to wear backpacks for traveling. Because two padded shoulder straps that help release your hands, which is useful, especially for some adventures like hiking and climbing.


Featured with multiple pockets, the book bag backpack is great for school, work, and travel: One front pocket and two side pockets allow you to quickly grab an iPad, a notebook, a headphone, a bottle of water, etc. Your clothes can be put into the back zipper pocket. And the interior main compartment where contains an open pouch and a zipper pocket also easy for you to throw things in or take things out. There are three colors available.

New Men's Casual Backpack


A sports gym bag is a reliable travel partner for men. This 3-in-1 gym duffel bag has two backpack straps that can be hidden in the zipper pocket at the back of the gym bag if needed. Spare shoes are troublesome since they can take up half of your luggage space. But the shoe compartment of this backpack perfectly solves this problem, and the best part is that it is designed with an air hole to dissipate the odor. Also, the wet pocket is waterproof and leak-proof to keep other belongings dry.


3 Way Backpack Handbag

 3-way Backpack Handbag


2. Carry-on Duffel Bag:

Duffel bags are great organizers for travel. They usually come with one main compartment to store everything you need. It is a good choice if you want to go to different destinations and need to change hotels constantly during the trip, since it’s easy and comfortable to carry, giving you strong mobility to move around.


This travel duffel bag with a trolley sleeve is the best seller at Bosidu. Matching colors, capacious compartment, reliable double zippers, waterproof canvas, and high-quality PU leather are all the important factors that attract our customers. Bonus! This big duffel bag also comes in a separate section for shoes at the bottom. Whether you are planning to go for beach parties, camping, or travel, it has got you covered!

Giant Duffel Bag

 Giant Duffel Bag


If you are going to travel with your girl who desires to dress up, then this adorable small duffel bag will surely surprise her. The printing of the bag is unique and eye-catching. It’s small yet still offers you several pockets to store your personal belongings, perfect for girls who don’t have much stuff while traveling. And you can carry it with its detachable shoulder strap which is adjustable for comfortable carrying.

Small Carry-on Duffel Bag

Small Carry-on Duffel Bag


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