15.6 Laptop Bag Women’s

15.6 Laptop Bag Women’s

Are you constantly on the move and have to carry a 15.6 inches laptop with you? Well, if that is so, you need a laptop bag that specifically fits your 15.6-inch laptop. Certainly, you can get a bigger one, but laptop bags are designed to accommodate laptops. It is just like a cap. Too tight or too loose won’t let you feel comfortable, right? Therefore, we have rounded up a list of laptop handbags for women that can fit a 15.6 inches laptop. If you want more options to choose from, check out BOSIDU to learn more.


1. Large Capacity Canvas Waterproof Laptop Tote Bag

Premium material, smooth zip closure, and well-crafted handle and seams make this canvas and leather laptop handbag sturdy and great for work and daily wear. It has plenty of compartments and pockets to store a laptop and your other belongings. The large compartment has a thick pad to help protect your laptop and keep it in the right place. It also comes in 4 colors: brown, black, brown zebra, and black zebra.

Canvas and Leather Laptop Handbag



2. Waterproof New Fashion Large-Capacity Tote Bag

The size of the laptop bag is your first and important factor to consider, while a stylish look is key, too. This tote bag for laptops has fashionably minimalist-looking and has divided sections to separate items from the laptop. What I highly appreciate is that it has pen holders and a front pocket to hold your small items, which is super convenient to just take out your cell phone, pen/pencil, cards, or keys from a handy pocket instead of needing to dig around inside your bag. The super waterproof function can easily deal with bad weather and protect your laptop and important papers from getting wet when you have to go out.

Tote Bag for Laptop



3. Large Capacity Shoulder Bag Fits 15.6 inches Laptop

A plain black work tote bag will never go wrong if you work at an office or in a more casual environment. Capacious but not bulky, structured yet supple is the best way to describe this bag. It comes with 2 open compartments and 1 large compartment for a laptop, textbooks, documents, and files. Multiple outsides and inner pockets for your daily necessities. A small purse is a bonus! A carry-on laptop tote bag plus a small purse only cost $39.99. What are you hesitating about? Buy it now!

Work Tote Bag



4. Trendy Large-Capacity Tote Bag

Does this contrast colorful laptop briefcase bag make your heart beat faster? Chill out! This chic laptop bag has more than that can offer you. Whether you use it for business travel or air travel, this bag provides your stuff with optimum protection because it is made of water-resistant PU composite fabric and PU leather. The metal studs on the bottom are anti-friction so that your bag and the stuff inside can be further protected well.

Laptop Briefcase Bag



5. Water-proof Large Canvas Work Tote Bags for Women

The dimension of this women’s briefcase messenger bag is 16.3×4.7 ×12.9 inches, super roomy for encouraging you to fill the bag with just about everything you can imagine—lunches, notebooks, textbook, etc. Its casual style is great for female students to carry from and to school, too. A review says, “It's very pretty, has solid craftsmanship, and has way more space than I had hoped for.” So don’t judge yourself, go buy this nice laptop work bag now!

Women’s Briefcase Messenger Bag



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