5 Gorgeous Crossbody Bags You’ll Love to Take Everywhere

5 Gorgeous Crossbody Bags You’ll Love to Take Everywhere

An everyday crossbody bag is a worthy investment that you never get enough of, just like designer handbags. We can make a lengthy list of the reasons why so many people are obsessed with crossbody bags: stylish, lightweight, comfortable — you name it. And the most important factor? Convenient. And the hands-free design is a game changer. You will have no problem snapping a photo, posting an Instagram, or sending a fun meme to your BFF while you are on the go.

So, whatever type you are into, keep scrolling to find five gorgeous crossbody bags ahead.


1. Women's Mini Crossbody Bag Lightweight Multi Pocket Shoulder Bag Purses

Packable Crossbody Bag

$28.99 AT BOSIDU

If you are on the lookout for different compartments to keep your belongings organized, try this packable crossbody bag from Bosidu. It comes with two main pockets and plenty of outside pockets to keep safely separate your essentials and easy access to one item without disrupting the rest. Seen here in salmon, the bag is available in several pretty colors, including light cyan, lavender, navy, and so on.


2. Harper™ Crossbody (Multiple Fashion & Team Colors)
Small Crossbody Phone Bag


Do not bother carrying a clunky bag if all necessities you want to take with you are just your phone, keys, and favorite lipstick. Instead, consider this small crossbody phone bag to set you up for the day. It offers two separate compartments with protected built-in card slots inside to securely hold your stuff. There are more than thirty different color options available, and we are sure you will find the one that suits your style.


3. Anya Chocolate Small Recycled Vegan Crossbody Bag

Chain Crossbody Bag


Say hello to your chain crossbody bag from Melie Bianco. It can be styled with various ensembles and give a classy finish to your outfit. Woven by hand and crafted from premium vegan leather, this crossbody is chic, ample, and comfortable. It only has a single compartment, which is roomy enough to fit an iPad Mini. The interior zipper pocket gives extra protection to small, crucial items.


Compact Crossbody Bag

This compact crossbody bag is spacious enough to tuck your big three — that would be your wallet, cell phone, and keys — inside, but not hitting your fellows on a crowded train. And the sleek and versatile design is easy to pair with just about any look. It is an ideal option for work or day-to-day use. It comes in five stunning colors.


5. Dana Bag

crossbody black bag


You can not go wrong with this crossbody black bag if simple functionality is what you are after. Made of 100% cow leather, this bag will not fail any leather gal. A review describes it as “looked like a matte black in the photos online but it has a slight sheen to it that is so gorgeous,” making it instantly level up your fashion game.


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