Cool Travel Duffel Bags for Road Trippers (Plus Tips for Beginners)

Cool Travel Duffel Bags for Road Trippers (Plus Tips for Beginners)

I don’t know whether you guys have the same feeling as I do. Since the pandemic broke in 2020, I just feel like I had been stolen for two years by COVID-19! After finally returning to previous daily life (not completely, at least we still need face masks), countless people are planning a long-lost journey animatedly. I think a road trip is the safest way to travel at present (especially when using your car): avoiding crowded spaces and socializing, reducing the risk of infection with the virus. So, if you are going to plan a road trip, you’ll need a large travel duffel bag to keep your gear organized.


When it comes to carry-on bags for travel, most people may think: a suitcase is everything. Yep, that sounds sensible. But, choosing a grab-to-go bag or a suitcase not just depends on your preference, but the way you travel and your final destination. You’ll never want to drag your wheeled suitcase around on rugged terrain.

Advantages of Travel Duffel Bags

1. Lightweight: This is the most obvious superiority of a duffel bag. Despite different materials, any given duffel bag is going to be lighter than a carry-on case.   

2. Compact but Large Capacity: Smaller than a suitcase but bigger than a Dopp kit, a travel duffel bag is an ideal bag that is roomy enough to store your worth of clothing and personal supplies without weighing you down.

3. Easy to Access: Because of the sheer simplicity of the design, duffels are a lot easier to access and open, saving us time from fishing for the tiny item you want in chaotic luggage.


Top 3 Travel Duffel Bags from BOSIDU

Top 1: Fashion Large-Capacity Canvas Travel Duffel Weekender Bag for Women

It is the best-selling travel duffel bag for carry-on at BOSIDU. The bag has a nice mix of one main compartment and several small pockets for holding a large number of different-sized items in a way that they are all easily accessible when the bag is hanging, but yet pack down incredibly small when the bag is closed. The double zippers keep your belongings safe and secure. In addition, the bag has a separate shoe compartment where you can put both your sneakers and slippers or other shoes you need according to your travel route.

Travel Duffel Bag for Carry-on


Top 2: Large PU Leather Carry on Shoulder Duffle Bag

This duffel bag for men is a storage machine! Made of high-quality PU leather, the bag ensures storing your gear neatly without adding extra weight. The waterproof and tear-resistant material makes it not easy to be out of shape when full packing. And it comes with a shoulder strap that allows you to release your hands when you try to capture brilliant moments with your camera. Whether you go to the cliff or tropical forests, the bag can easily accommodate your different gear. This versatile durable travel duffel bag has got you covered!

Duffel Bag for Men


Top 3: Unisex Multifunctional Waterproof Sports Duffel Bags with Shoes Compartment Black

If you are not a bald dresser and like to avoid standing out, then this 3-in-1 big duffel bag is ideal for you. It can incredibly hold clothes for two people for a weekend since it has a lot of storage space! You can either simply grab it in your hand and carry it or you can put it over your shoulder, or across your body to spread the weight with a 40-56 inch shoulder strap. What’s more, the bag has 30 days of full refunds for any quality problem, one year warranty, and lifetime customer service.

3-in-1 Big Duffel Bag


Tips for Road Trip Beginners

1. Arrange Everything before Departure: Although travel by driving yourself is more flexible and free, it requires you to arrange all the things on the journey (routes, restaurants, hotels, etc.). You’d better book accommodations ahead.

2. Do Research and Check about your destination’s safety precautions: While it’s always important to be cautious of your health and safety while traveling, our current times call for a little extra precaution. If you are going to stay at a hotel or eat at a restaurant, call the venue ahead of time and ask what they are doing to ensure the health and safety of customers—and their staff.

3. Check Your Vehicle: Before you head off, it’s important to check your vehicle carefully. Take your car in for a service appointment to check that the oil, fluids, tires, and air filters are in top shape. You’ll also want to check all the lights and blinkers. Make sure your car won’t break down halfway and ruin your trip.

4. Packing: In addition to daily supplies (toothbrush, comb, clothes, etc.), you also need to prepare anti-epidemic items such as masks and hand sanitizer. Also, having snacks on hand will help cut down on costs and time spent on stops. So put some healthy snacks like veggies, fruits, and hummus in your bag.


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