How to Pack Your Large Weekend Bag

How to Pack Your Large Weekend Bag

If you love to travel light or you don’t have much time to plan a long-term trip, then a large weekender bag is your best option. Weekender bags are smaller and lighter than suitcases, you can pack your 2 to 3 days worth of clothing and other belongings in the luggage bag, and zip it across the top, you are good to go then.

Womens Large Weekend Bag


Why is a Weekender Bag Tote Bag Good?

A weekender bag, as the name tells you, is intended for trips lasting two to three days. If you are going to travel around a lot and want to take your camera along with you to record something memorable, change hotels frequently, or use different modes of transport, a weekender tote bag is perfect since it can be carried comfortably and effortlessly.

Other than that, there is 3 bonus for you to bring with you a weekend bag for a quick getaway or a short vacation.

First of all, most weekender bags are made of soft materials such as leather, canvas, nylon, polyester, etc. They are quite soft and make it easy for you to pack as much as possible. You can take full advantage of many crannies and nooks to cram into your travel essentials. That’s the reason why unassuming in size and appearance, weekender tote bags can always exceed your expectations to accommodate all your belongings efficiently.

Secondly, it has a stylish look and is perfect for different occasions. A weekend bag suits both men and women, but some have more feminine stylings. Therefore, many female travelers are strict with the appearance of the bag they chose, and if they have a fashionable weekender bag, they will feel confident using it as a shopping bag. And you don’t even notice it or feel weird about it.

Finally, it makes you easily see what’s inside and quickly seize what you want. Think about the time when you are out with a suitcase, and all you want is just a tiny item like a bottle of sunscreen spray, but it spends an excruciating amount of time opening the suitcase (some even need you to unlock it), and diving into a piece of bulky luggage for the thing you want. While using a weekender bag, all you need to do is just unzip the bag, and boom, you have what you want.


What to Put in your Weekend Bag?

Before packing, it is wise for you to set a list of things you want to travel with so you can double-check the belongings when finish packing. So you won't open your suitcase and only find something super important was forgotten to bring when arriving at the destination. Here are my must-haves when I hit the trip.

1. Facial Cleanser: I’m used to cleansing my face with a facial cleanser in the everyday morning and shower. It is an indispensable part when I need to wear makeup.

2. Toothbrush and Toothpaste (Optional): Sometimes I prefer to buy a new one locally and throw them away when I leave. After all, they don’t cost me much money.

3. Worth of Clothing: Depending on the length of the trip, I will choose to take 3-4 sets of clothes.

Pro Tip: If you are a female, it is also good to take as many dresses as possible since they are light, easy to stash in your bag, and dont take up much space.

4. Cosmetics: No need to bring a full set of makeup products unless you need to take some professional photos or videos for your fans or audience during the trip.

5. Skincare Products: Body lotions, sunscreen, moisturizer, hand cream, sunglasses.

6. Camera: If you love to record beautiful scenery, a professional camera is better than a cell phone. But you need to consider its weight, otherwise, your luggage will weigh you down.

7. Body Wash (or Soap) and Shampoo: If you don’t want to use these private things prepared by your booking hotel, then buy your ones. Make sure they are all travel-size.

8. Razor and Shaving Cream: Also, you can buy them from a supermarket if you don’t want to bring them with you during the trip.

9. Medications: It is necessary to take some common-used medications when things happen, unfortunately.

10. Perfume or Cologne: Travel doesn’t mean sacrificing personal style. A little perfume or cologne can make you more attractive.


If you are browsing around for a nice weekend bag for your next short-term journey, check out BOSIDU for our high-quality travel tote bags.


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