The Best Women's Designer Handbags of 2022: Shop Our Picks

The Best Women's Designer Handbags of 2022: Shop Our Picks

Handbags are a women's favorite accessory after clothing. Many ladies love to keep a stylish and matching handbag according to their outfits. How do you select women's designer handbags? Here are some important questions answered below:

What Factors Are To Be Considered When Choosing Designer Travel Bags?

  1. Must be Comfortable

A handbag is similar to your clothing. It must be comfortable to carry around. That's the first thing to look for.

  1. Must Not Have a Lot of Weight of Its Own

Make sure that the handbag you are buying doesn't have a lot of weight of its own. That's because it will become heavier when you put your belongings inside. This would make it extremely difficult to carry around.

  1. What about the Zips?

Make sure that the handbag is fully zippable. This makes it safe to keep all the belongings while traveling as nothing falls out. A zip closure is best when you close your designer handbags to keep the items safe.

  1. Go for the Stylish Bag

Choose a stylish design. It has to be aesthetically appealing. If it has a great color, you can go for the plain design, as the color will cover it.

However, if you choose a white or a black handbag, make sure you select some extra details to add to its appearance. A plain black handbag doesn't look attractive at all.

  1. Must be Versatile

It must be versatile enough to look good with every outfit you wear and must also be comfortable and soft to match the casual outfits. Lastly, it must go with a colored palette to look odd with your attire.

You can always look for handbags on sale from time to time to get a discount.

What Is The Most Popular Handbag in 2022?

There are quite a few designer handbags that come close to being the best Women's handbag in 2022. However, the Waterproof Large Capacity Canvas Travel Purse and Handbag for Women is the most popular handbag you will find in the upcoming year.

The Best Selling Women's Designer Handbags List From Mybosidu

Here is a list of  3 best-selling Women's designer handbags list from Mybosidu:

  1. Canvas Waterproof Travel Handbag

This bag is manufactured using waterproof canvas and PU leather to protect your items from water on rainy days. It is one of the best women's small handbags for outdoor functions. It includes a removable PU leather shoulder strap which you can attach or detach when needed. The top handle is durable and is also made of PU leather. Best for business or weekend tours. You can also carry it for friends or family picnics etc.

Canvas Waterproof Travel Handbag


  1. New Ladies Fashion Canvas Handbag

This bag has a practical design with a lot of capacity. You will find pockets and multiple compartments to store your items, such as an iPad, books, umbrella, and a power bank. There are outside pockets for storing your mobile and keys. It is also made of top-quality waterproof canvas to protect your stuff from getting wet during rainy days. You can also use it in a bathroom. Best for business and weekend tips.


New Ladies Fashion Canvas Handbag



  1. Waterproof Large Capacity Canvas Travel Purses and Handbags for Women

This one is super waterproof to ensure 100% safety for your belongings, even if your bag gets wet. Thanks to the high-quality PU leather and canvas material, it is easy to clean.  The zippers are reliable and delicate. Overall, this bag is quite versatile in design. You can use it either as a travel cross-body bag, a sling shoulder bag or a shopping bag, etc. It is a bag for multiple purposes!

Waterproof Large Capacity Canvas Travel Purses and Handbags for Women

These are some of the best-selling Women's designer handbags from Mybosidu! Happy Shopping!







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