What Should You Take to a Beach Party?

What Should You Take to a Beach Party?

Ladies and gentlemen: the summer of 2022 is coming! When mentioning summer, what would come to your mind first? I’d say, the PARTY, and the Beach Party especially. Since the pandemic broke out in 2020, it’s been a long time since I went to outdoor recreation. I almost forgot what essentials to bring to a beach party! So, here I am to gather a list of beach day necessities to help myself and, most importantly, you, make a day that much more relaxed and agreeable.


1. A Beach Bag or Travel Duffel Bag

It is the most important gear you should bring along with you when you are headed to the beach. You’ll never want to waste your time rummaging through too many nooks and crannies in your car boot. And if you don’t have a beach bag, a large carry-on duffel bag will also help a lot. There are 3 garment duffel bags for women recommended by Bosidu, which are spacious enough to put all your and your family’s essentials:

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If you want to know more detailed info about these bags or take a look at other designer bags, check out @mybosidu/travel duffel bags for women.


2. Swimsuit and Change of Clothes

A great swimsuit that fits you well is essential when you head out to the beach. If you are a lover of taking a selfie, never miss this opportunity to show your beauty and confidence. Also, change your daily clothes when you get back to your car to ensure your wet and sandy swimsuit will not ruin your car seats.


3. Lotion Sunscreen and/ or Sunscreen Spray

Sunbathing on the beach or swimming is an integral part of a beach party. Protect yourself and your family members from direct sunlight by using sunscreen. And remember to reapply it hourly and after swimming.


4. Sunglasses

Your eyes also need to be protected well from direct sunlight. It can help when the sun starts bearing down a little too much.


5. Beach Chair and/ or Blanket

If lying on a beach chair is not your thing, choose a large-sized blanket and vice versa.

Pro Tip: Your choosing blanket must be soft and can be easily carried in your bag. And make sure it wont be blown away on the beach!


6. Water and Snacks

Hydration is vital while you are baking in the sun all day. Otherwise, you are liable for sunstroke. So be sure to pack plenty of water to replenish after sweaty. At the same time, snacks can help you keep your energy up.


7. A First-Aid Kit

Although I hope you will never have the chance to use a first-aid kit, accidents are everywhere. You’d better keep a small first-aid kit handy or put some common medical supplies (like band-aids, cotton balls, disinfectants, etc.) in your bag.


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