Women's Large Capacity Weekend Travel Bag

Women's Large Capacity Weekend Travel Bag

When it comes to travel, packing their luggage might be a headache for most women. From daily necessities (toothbrush, shampoo, wet wipes, etc.) to skincare products (body lotion, sunscreen, hand cream, etc.), and even some beauty products, there are so many things that they can’t decide which one to sacrifice to save more space for other travel essentials. I’m often trapped by this dilemma. What’s worse, once I even felt depressed because I couldn’t bring another pair of shoes to match my clothes! If you have the same problem as me, well, it seems like a big duffel bag is exactly what you need.


How to Choose a Big Travel Bag?

There seem to be a million options out there, but we still need to pay more attention to the following points to choose a good duffel bag suitable for tourism.

1. Size: Since you are determined to buy a large travel bag, the size of the bag is your first consideration. But that doesn’t mean the bigger the bag, the better. You’d better measure your old bag first, and then choose a new one that is larger than the old bag according to the luggage you usually need to travel with.

2. Weight: It is wise for you to choose a big duffel bag that is made of soft material, like canvas and leather. Because such super-light fabric ensures your stuff stays neatly in the bag without adding extra weight. And that will make you more comfortable carrying it.

3. Design: A good travel bag also lies in its thoughtful design. For example, except for the main compartment for holding bulky essentials like the worth of clothing, a laptop, or a camera, it should also offer you several pockets or handy pouches for tiny items, making you easily see and grab what you need. Or it has a shoulder strap to sling over the bag when taking a subway or catching a flight.


A List of Big Weekender Bags for Women

1. Canvas Overnight Large Travel Bags with Shoe Compartment(Blue Striped)

This large overnight tote bag has a large capacity that can incredibly hold so much more than you think! The blue strip makes this carry-on bag look extremely fashionable and gorgeous. The primary material of this bag is water-resistant canvas and PU leather, which can keep your stuff safe and dry in the bag.
Large Overnight Tote Bag


2. Large Capacity Canvas Travel Duffel Bag with Shoe Compartment

With different size compartments for storing your large and small items, this multifunctional extra-large luggage bag for women can be used on different occasions, like a short weekend or a quick getaway. The zip closure makes sure your belongings are secure and safe in the bag, and when wide-opening, it is easy to view and access everything inside.
Extra-large Luggage Bag for Women


3. Large Capacity Cosmetic Travel Toiletry Bag for Women-Black Zebra

For our toiletries and some fragile items like a bottle of perfume, they need a large travel makeup bag to prevent leaking out and cracking up. Made of soft and padded strip fabric, this toiletry bag for carry-on has a reliable double zipper to keep your stuff stay neat. The sturdy hook allows you to comfortably hang it from the towel rack or a coat hook, saving you from space in a crowded hotel room.
Large Travel Makeup Bag




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