Best Gym Toiletry Bag: What to Pack

Best Gym Toiletry Bag: What to Pack

We might all have been there: you are sweating and tired at the end of your fitness class, and the only thing you want to do is rush to the bathroom and take a shower to wash away sweat, odor, and dirt. The last thing? Get out of your whole sweaty and sticky workout outfit and change into clean and cozy casual clothes. And this process requires you to have a portable cosmetic bag or a good toiletry bag to store all your essentials if your sports gym bag doesn’t have a dry & wet compartment to separate them from other belongings.


Should You Shower at the Gym?

We all know that the most comfortable bathroom in the world is located right in our homes. But if the fitness center is far away from your home or office, I’m sure you would not like to enter the elevator with an unbearable odor and receive strange looks from others. What’s more, whether you are going back to work, picking up your child, or going home after class, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause fungal infections by wearing sweaty clothes for a long time.


What is the Best Dopp Kit Bag?

Your toilet kit bag used in the gym shower and changing room should always meet two criteria: convenience and functionality.

1. It should be able to fit in your gym bag.

We advise you not to pick a large toiletry bag that can't be stored in your sports gym bag if you don't want to carry it by hand. In addition to toiletries, some people pack a set of cosmetics into their toiletry bags because they like wearing makeup after a shower. But we suggest you not since it's too heavy to carry.

2. It should be waterproof.

There is no doubt that you need to use your toiletry bag during the shower. And the water droplets will inevitably fall on your bag. So whether the material is waterproof is the key to last its life expands. At the same time, since some damp items, like shampoo, moisturizer, and perfume, are put into the bag, there is a chance they will leak out due to the broken cap or other reasons, so the waterproof material is the key to blocking the liquids away from other contents in your gym bag.

3. It should be convenient.

Some good toiletry bags are designed with a built-in hook for hanging them anywhere you can. It is absolutely thoughtful and necessary because you will never want to open it every time you use it. And if the compartments and pockets are transparent is much better. You can find the target with a glance without diving into the bag.

4. It has multiple compartments and pockets.

The key to keeping you organized is to have as many compartments and pockets as possible, which allows you to store your belongings according to the categories. And that also helps you quickly locate the item.


The Best Bathroom Kit Bags for Gym

Toiletry Tote Bag

Toiletry Tote Bag ($26.00)


Toiletry Bag for Women

Toiletry Bag for Women ($36.00)


Men’s Travel Kit Bag

Mens Travel Kit Bag ($26.99)


Minimalist Travel Toiletry Bag

Minimalist Travel Toiletry Bag ($21.98)


Find More Options Here: Mybosidu


What Essentials to Pack into Your Dopp Kit Bag?

1. Two Towels: One for your shower and one for wiping the gym equipment

2. Shampoo and Soap: Most gyms provide their customers with free shampoo and body wash, but if you don’t want to share these toiletries with others or have particular preferable brands, you’d better prepare yourself.

3. Hygiene Items: These may include wet wipes, deodorant, face wash, sunscreen, and so on. It depends on your personal preferences.

4. Moisturizer: If you have dry skin or need to put on makeup after the shower, a moisturizer can keep your skin hydrated.

5. Makeup Products: Just pack what you absolutely need, like foundation, concealer, powder, lipstick, and makeup remover.

6. Hair Products: Hairdryer, hair band, hair care oil, hairbrush, and hair gel.

7. Oral healthcare Items: A toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

8. Skin Care Products: Hand cream, lotion, sunglasses, and lip balm.

9. Female Only: Tampons, pads, and menstrual cups.

10. Male Only: Razor and shaving cream.


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