Big Traveling Bag for A-Few-Day Vacations

Big Traveling Bag for A-Few-Day Vacations

Long journeys call for a high-quality rolling hard-shell suitcase, while a big travel duffel bag is convenient for two-to-three days of vacation. Large weekender bags come in ample storage to keep all your travel supplies in one bag. And their ruggedness, durability, reliability, and most important, easy-to-carry nature allow us to sail smoothly through various micro-jaunts via plane, train, and automobile.


Who will Need a Big Duffle Bag for Travel?

1. People who have heavy loads

If you are like some people and fill up your medium size travel bag before you know it, and still don’t think it is enough, an extra-large duffel can help you solve this problem.

2. Travelers who have selection difficulties

Are you the kind of traveler who always has a hard time choosing among good decisions? For example, in the face of all the gorgeous clothes piled up all over your closet, you are difficult to choose three sets of clothes to take to travel. If that is so, a big duffle bag can provide you with extra space for more options.

3. Shoppers

If you are fond of spending money on various souvenirs, tourist specialties, and other products during the trip, a giant duffel bag can offer you plenty of room to store these items.


The Best Giant Duffel Bag Bosidu Has to Offer:

Large PU Leather Carry on Shoulder Duffle Bag

Men’s Carry-on Duffel Bag

Mens Carry-on Duffel Bag

Dimensions: 22.05 × 11.42 × 8.00 inches

Material: PU Leather

What We Like:

1. High-quality leather to withstand everyday use and bad weather

2. Multiple pockets for easily accessing small items

3. A shoe compartment that separates from clean clothes


3-Way Sports Duffel Bags for Men with Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket

Large Sports Duffle Bag

Large Sports Duffle Bag

Dimensions: 24.40 × 10.60 × 11.00 inches

Material: Oxford

What We Like:

1. Dry & Wet pockets for classified storage

2. Adjustable straps allow you to carry the bag as a cross-body gym bag, backpack, and carry-on duffel bag

3. Super versatile, perfect for sports, commuting, and travel


Women Weekend Bag with Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket (Pink)

Gym Duffel Bag

Gym Duffel Bag

Dimensions: 17.70 × 9.00 ×12.90 inches

Material: Oxford

What We Like:

1. Eye-catching pastel baby pink color

2. Lightweight

3. A back sleeve to attach the roller suitcase


Zebra Stripe Travel Duffel Bag For Ladies

Female Duffel Bag

Female Duffel Bag

Dimensions: 21.30 × 9.00 × 13.40 inches

Material: Canvas & PU Leather

What We Like:

1. Well-crafted handles and seams

2. A wide, sturdy shoulder strap to release your hand

3. Stylish irregular zebra stripe and retro metal accessories


Canvas Hand Luggage Cross-body Travel Bag

Duffle Weekender Bag

Dimensions: 21.70 × 10.70 × 15.80 inches

Material: Canvas & PU Leather

What We Like:

1. Sturdy steel zipper

2. Soft and cozy material to carry with ease

3. Large capacity compartments and pockets


Striped Canvas Travel Bag

Weekender Bag Canvas

Weekender Bag Canvas

Dimensions: 20.50 × 9.40 × 16.50 inches

Material: Canvas & PU Leather

What We Like:

1. Durable material makes the bag not easy to be torn or broken

2. Removable shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag more flexible

3. Fashionable enough to be worn as a shopping bag


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