Pack Your Travel Bag and Get on the Road Trip

Pack Your Travel Bag and Get on the Road Trip

A road trip is a long trek made in a vehicle for pleasure. Different from air travel, the road trip is a more flexible and adventurous type — feeling free to drive along the open road, enjoying the varied array of stunning coastal views, and chasing the spectacular sunset toward the horizon, which is absolutely one of the most memorable travel experiences you will never forget.

However, a self-driving tour is not simply jumping into your car and hitting the road. It calls out a thoughtful travel plan to avoid something trivial ruining your whole journey.


A Step-by-Step Guide for a Road Trip

Preparations for Your Car:

1. Check your vehicle. Make an appointment for your car to have a professional and comprehensive inspection before departure to ensure nothing is damaged, and assess whether it is suitable for long driving.

2. Decide on a destination. We suggest beginners choose a destination that is not too far away from their city or spend only one day traveling. Because weather, supplies, and personal health can be serious problems if you lack experience.

3. Bring a paper map. Although it seems that you can travel all over the world with a mobile phone —thanks to the very convenient mobile phone map, it will be useless once you enter the outer suburbs or places with poor signals. So prepare a paper map with roads, landmarks, and information for an entire region instead of just one area.

4. Supplies for remote areas. If your destination takes a long drive to a remote area where there are long stretches without gas stations, put a quart of oil, wiper fluid, and a jug of coolant or water into the trunk.

5. A cozy pillow and a blanket. If you have a co-traveler, prepare a cozy pillow and a blanket so that both of you can take turns getting some sleep on the road to relieve the fatigue of long-time driving.

6. Driver’s license and car registration. Make sure you take all the licenses and certifications you might use during the trip.


Essential Supplies for You:

1. Get yourself a bag for travel. Depending on the length of your journey, the recreation, and your personal preference, choose a large travel bag or a smaller one. Ahead we are sharing the 5 best different types of bags for your road trip

Carry-on Size Duffel Bag

Carry-on Size Duffel Bag

Dimensions: 19.00 × 13.00 × 9.50 inches

What We Like:

Made of water-resistant canvas and PU leather

The capacious compartment can fit two to three days of essentials


Duffle Weekender Bag

Duffle Weekender Bag

Dimensions: 20.50 × 15.00 × 10.00 inches

What We Like:

Adjustable shoulder strap for carrying at ease

A separate shoe compartment with a ventilated air vent


Leather Weekender Bag

Leather Weekender Bag

Dimensions: 22.05 × 11.42 × 12.60 inches

What We Like:

Well-crafted handles and seams

High-quality waterproof leather


Three-way Backpack Handbag

Three Way Backpack Handbag

Dimensions: 21.50 × 10.50 × 10.00 inches

What We Like:

Three ways to carry the bag

Durable material that can withstand tear, scratch, and water


Backpack Travel Bag

Backpack Travel Bag

Dimensions: 13.80 × 5.90 × 17.70 inches

What We Like:

Two padded shoulder straps to protect your shoulders

Multiple pockets to store different sizes of stuff


2. A change of clothes. Pack your outfits, underwear, and must-have toiletries according to the length of your trip. Make sure they are not too heavy to weigh you down.

3. Extra car keys. Put your extra car keys in the bag in case you lose the original ones.

4. Snacks and water. Bring some snacks and a large bottle of water to keep you energetic and hydrated during the trip.

5. Car phone chargers. Avoid your phone dying out of battery and keep yourself in touch with the world.

6. Mask and Hand Sanitizer. We still need to be cautious about COVID-19.

7. Menstrual products. Tampons and pads.

8. If you need to travel with your laptop or camera to record beautiful moments, please make sure your travel bag has a padded compartment for these expensive electronic products. And don’t let it leave your sight.

9. An emergency kit. Band-aids, painkillers, and other medications you need.

10. Other supplies: An umbrella, lip balm, sunglasses, sunscreen, sleeping mask, and ear plugs.


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