What to Have in an Emergency School Kit

What to Have in an Emergency School Kit

Most teenagers don’t know how to protect themselves when an unexpected accident happens and time is of the essence. Therefore, having an emergency kit for school kids is extremely important. It can provide your children with vital items for short-term survival. If you want to get your children an emergency school kit but don’t know what to put in, keep reading this post, and you’ll get some ideas.


What Kind of Bag Can be Used as an Emergency Kit?

There are many school emergency kits on the market. But, in theory, you can use any bag as an emergency kit as long as it is spacious enough to contain a variety of emergency items and has waterproof, scratch-resistant, or other functions so that it is strong enough to provide help without being damaged when disaster strikes.

Pro Tip: A small bag is better than a big one because it is easier to carry on and can be stored in a locker in the school.


Here are the 3 Best Small Toiletry Bags for School Emergency Kit:

1. New Ladies Fashion Canvas Handbag

This hanging toiletries bag has two different size compartments where you can keep private things (like spare underwear, medications, tampon, etc.) and other essentials separated. It is made of durable waterproof canvas which can protect all your stuff inside from getting wet.

Hanging Toiletries Bag


2. Large Capacity Cosmetic Travel Toiletry Organizer for Women

This toiletries bag is an ideal bag for girls. It has reliable double zippers to secure your stuff inside. And the water-repellent, leak-proof interior design gives you a high-quality user experience that will last for a long time. Having a minimalist-looking on the outside, the bag has multiple compartments to keep your essentials in place, and the sturdy material is guaranteed to protect the necessary items safe, which can keep your kids safe until help arrives. This is kit is completely reliable!

Minimalist Travel Toiletry Bag


3. Small Casual Ladies Waterproof Canvas Toiletry Bag

This carry-on bag of toiletries has a discreet appearance. It is quite suitable for those kids who don’t want to stand out among their peers. It offers several compartments and pockets (two different size front pockets and a back pocket) to store different things. And it can’t be see-through by others thanks to the top-quality canvas. The neutral color makes it can be used for boys too.

Bathroom Kit Bag


What Essentials to Put in?

Pro Tip: Your choosing items should be all (or most of) travel size or mini size. Otherwise, it will take up too much space and make the kit cant be fully used.

1. Lip Balm: Chapped lips can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes even cause pain. Use it to rehydrate your lips, especially in autumn and winter.

2. Hand Sanitizer: There are thousands of objects that students probably touch on campus, which will lead to a lot of bacteria breeding in their hands.

3. Extra Masks: Make sure it is enough for kids to change at least twice a day.

4. Snacks: Put some energy bars to make sure your kids will not hungry.

5. Tissues or Wet Wipes: It is super useful after a workout to keep the face clean.

6. Band-Aids: Never know when your child will get hurt. (If still keep bleeding, go find a nurse or a teacher.)

7. Portable Power Bank: Make sure your kid’s cell phone won’t die which makes your child can’t contact you when something happens.

Pro Tip: Avoid bringing something valuable, because it has the chance to be stolen by others.


Girls Only:

Except for the necessities mentioned above, girls need to stock extra items in their school emergency kits.

1. Tampon: When your girl gets her period unexpectedly, it will avoid embarrassment.

2. Spare pair of underwear: It is useful when her underwear gets dirty on her period.

3. Makeup Products: Some girls are fond of wearing makeup to look gorgeous. Only carry necessary makeup products.


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