5 Best Toiletry Travel Bags to Save you from Mess

5 Best Toiletry Travel Bags to Save you from Mess

Whether you try to embrace the “minimalist lifestyle” — travel with just a carry-on with you for a weekend getaway, or you are an overpacker who tends to fill your travel bag with everything you can imagine, toiletries are a crucial part of your packing list that keeps you supplied for the trip. Therefore, having a nice toiletry bag is the key to a successful trip.

If you are in the market for a new one, we are here to help. Check out our best toiletry bags for travel, and snag one that suits your lifestyle!


1. Beauty Travel Bundle

Women’s Travel Makeup Bag


Why We Love It: Roomy size, Water-resistant in and out

Keep all your cosmetics and toiletries sorted with this women’s travel makeup bag from Cositas. Don’t let the minimalist design fools you, because you can never imagine how much stuff you can fit into this travel makeup bag. It has built-in zip pouches and sections for you to separate your shower supplies from beauty products. It is water-resistant so you can protect the content of the rest of the luggage from leaking or spilling.


2. Travel Kit

Dopp Kit Bag


Why We Love It: Separate shoe and wet drawstring pouches, Waterproof nylon

Not only can this Dopp kit bag be used for storing all your toiletries but also to house your shoes, clothes, and wet items — thanks to two matching drawstring bags. Two separate compartments with three pockets are spacious enough to hold all products you want to travel with you. Its stylish out-looking will surely get you compliments for years to come.


Small Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag

Why We Love It: Simple design, water-resistant and durable leather

This small men’s travel toiletry bag from Bosidu features a clever compartment that can separate dry and wet items from each other. The two-sided pockets with elastic loop holders are great for toothbrushes, small bottles, and hair products. The central pocket allows you to put lots of travel-size standing bottles.


4. Large Capacity Cosmetic Travel Toiletry Organizer for Women-Palm Leaf

Hanging Toiletry Bag

$35.99 AT BOSIDU

Why We Love It: Four transparent compartments, A sturdy built-in hook

If you carry tons of products for the trip, opt for Bosidu’s hanging toiletry bag, which can fit many items in its four waterproof compartments in the most efficient and beautiful ways possible. It hangs from a sturdy hook, so you don’t have to dump all your belongings into the countertop. It is machine washable, which means you can put it in the wash when it gets messy and boom, it will look brand new again!


5. Toiletry Case

Black Toiletry Bag

$165 AT CLARE V.

Why We Love It: Tear-resistant blue ripstop interior, Simple design

This black toiletry bag works for anyone who only brings essential toiletries for travel. Crafted from premium, soft leather and lined with a tear-resistant blue interior, users are obsessed with its elegant aesthetics and secure storage. The bright blue ripstop nylon interior is easy-to-clean — meaning you can quickly wipe off any makeup and toiletries smears or spills.


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