Backpack Camera Bags to Protect your Photography Equipment

Backpack Camera Bags to Protect your Photography Equipment

If you are a photographer, you know how expensive cameras, lenses, and other gear can get. Hence, you should never compromise the bag’s quality which keeps all your camera gear safe. But the market is flooded with camera travel bags which makes it harder to choose the right one. Without further ado, if you are browsing around for a travel camera bag, keep scrolling and happy shopping!


Why do You Need a Camera Bag Travel Bag?

Many bags allow you to travel with all your camera gear and can protect them from damage. But we still highly recommend you wear a good-quality camera backpack. Below are the reasons why use a camera backpack:

1. Backpacks free your hands. Whether you are scrambling up rocky slopes, paddling a canoe, or heading to the top of the mountain for a stunning sunset, wear a backpack comfortably freeing up your hands.

2. Backpacks divide the weight. The first thing you should pack into your backpack is always the supplies that keep you alive, and your camera gear goes second. And it turns out the more gear you carry, the more weight you get. Backpacks can effectively spread the weight over two shoulders, which is better than waist camera bags or messenger camera bags. You will be thankful for it, especially if you are hiking or trekking.

3. Backpacks offer extra protection. Camera backpacks usually come in a padded compartment designed to store your camera that protects the camera from damage and jostling. But you should avoid throwing your bag around or sitting on it because your bag is not bombproof.


The Best Camera Travel Backpack for Photographers:


Camera Travel Bag


Dimension: 30 × 17 × 46 inches

Material: Recycled 400D Nylon

Why We Choose:

1. Travel-friendly

2. Lifetime guarantee

Featuring a clean silhouette, it is also perfect for everyday use. You can choose a 20L/30L backpack according to your loads.


Waterproof Vintage Large Capacity Camera Backpack

Men’s Backpack Travel Bag

$69.99 AT BOSIDU

Dimensions: 12.5 × 6.5 × 15.7 inches

Material: Genuine Leather & Canvas

Why We Choose:

1. In addition to a camera zone, it also comes with storage for your laptop and clothing.

2. The inner partition is removable.

You can convert this men’s backpack travel bag into a casual day back bag any time as long as you remove the partition.


WANDRD PRVKE 21L v2 Photo Bundle (Black)

Travel Camera Bag

$299 AT B&H

Dimensions: 19 × 11 × 6.5 inches

Material: Tarpaulin & 1680D Ballistic Nylon (Exterior)

Why We Choose:

1. Quickdraw side access allows you to grab the item without unpacking the bag.

2. The updated back panel and shoulder strap make it comfortable to carry.

This travel camera bag is built with durable and weather-resistant nylon, which means it can easily deal with moisture, humidity, and splashes.



Camera Bag Travel Backpack


Dimensions: 25 × 13.75 × 9.5 inches (S/M)

Material: Tarpaulin and Robic 1680D Ballistic Nylon

Why We Choose:

1. Quick side camera access

2. Breathable foam and airmesh back panel, straps, and belts

It's perfect for carrying tons of camera gear and anything else you might want to bring on short or long trips.


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