Five Women’s Small Crossbody Bags to Complete Your Outfit

Five Women’s Small Crossbody Bags to Complete Your Outfit

There is no doubt that crossbody bags make great everyday use, and they also make terrific travel crossbody bags, work purses, and night-out bags. It is a perfect combination of functionality and fashion — with room for everyday essentials and travel supplies yet still lightweight enough to carry around all day. And what is the best part? Throw one over your shoulder, and your hands are free! That means you can easily snap a photo, send a funny meme to your BFF, or enjoy a little quick nosh. Maybe you’d say a backpack can also do the same job, but to be honest, a good crossbody bag can add extra special to your outfit and improve the sense of fashion.


How to Choose an Everyday Crossbody Bag?

1. Strap Style

A crossbody is meant to cross the body from one shoulder to the opposite hip in a comfortable but straight line. Therefore, the comfort and style of the strap matter. A chain strap will surely add some flash and edge to a vogue and flatter you, but if you think that is cumbersome or not your vibe, go for a more uniform strap.

2. Size

Before using your PayPal account to complete the payment, you need to consider the size of the bag, otherwise, you waste money on an unpractical item. What occasions will you use it on? Travel, work, or day-to-day use? How much will you need to put into it? Opt for one that will be appropriate for your body and your requirements.

3. Color

I usually imagine a specific outfit in mind that I want to style with the fashion accessory. If clothes are gorgeous and attractive enough, I will go with a darker bag to avoid dominating and vice versa. Or you can add some unique colors to your wardrobe for more personalized dressing ideas.

4. Material

Think about where you will be using this bag. If it is a ball that calls for an evening dress, a genuine leather crossbody bag for cell phone is good, which requires careful upkeep. A canvas or faux leather can withstand everyday use and abuse. So make the correct decision according to your needs.


Shop Our Picks:

Vince Camuto Dario Crossbody

Cross Bags for Ladies

Cross Bags for Ladies, $178

Dimensions: 11 × 4 × 9 inches | Material: Leather

Why We Choose:

1. Made of high-quality leather

2. Chic look


Medium Size Cell Phone Crossbody Purse for Women

Small Crossbody Phone Bag

Small Crossbody Phone Bag, $39.99

Dimensions: 10.62 × 3.54 × 6.29 inches | Material: PU Leather

Why We Choose:

1. Eye-catching irregular snakeskin pattern

2. Perfect size for daily wear


Coach Women's Mini Camera Bag

Crossbody Bag Sling

Crossbody Bag Sling, $114

Dimensions: 7.25 × 2 × 5.25 inches | Material: Canvas

Why We Choose:

1. Adorable pattern and color choices

2. Purposeful Design


Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Lg Ew Crossbody

Pouch Crossbody Bag, $77.7

Dimensions: 9.45 × 2.36 × 6.3 inches | Material: Leather

Why We Choose:

1. Lightweight

2. Stylish chain strap


Waterproof Large Capacity Canvas Travel Purses and Handbags for Women

Travel Crossbody Bag

Travel Crossbody Bag, $39.99

Dimensions: 12.59 × 3.54 × 8.26 inches | Material: PU Leather & Canvas

Why We Choose:

1. Capacious compartment

2. Waterproof and easy-to-clean material


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