The Best Travel Bag for Suits and Dresses to Buy

The Best Travel Bag for Suits and Dresses to Buy

When you want to show up looking your best, a clean and tidy outfit without wrinkles is the key to making a better first impression. However, we all know how tricky it is to keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free during the trip, whether you are a folder or a roller.

But the right garment bag for traveling can make a world of difference — they are made to keep your clothing straight because they do not require as much folding if any. Your formal attire will fare much better on the hanger of a travel garment bag than folded at the bottom of your luggage.


Why do You Need a Carryon Garment Bag?

A good quality garment bag is a worthy investment if you are a frequent traveler, especially when you are in the following scenarios:

1. Your job requires you to travel to the four corners of the world for business events.

2. You are going to attend a wedding or special event that needs formal attire.

3. Your hotel room doesn’t provide iron for customers.

Plus, the best garment bags do double (or triple) duty, offering space to organize other accessories, such as neckties. At the same time, garment bags work very well for protecting clothing from sun exposure, damage, and dust.


Best Bag for Traveling with Suits

Travel Well Goodhope 7643 Rolling Garment Bag Suitcase

Suit Travel Bag with Wheels

Suit Travel Bag with Wheels, $97.23

Dimensions: 44 × 3.5 × 23 inches | Material: 1800D Polyester

What We Love It:

1. Smooth-rolling wheels make you carry it with ease.

2. Dual mesh pockets and four shoe pockets help you organize.


Leather Garment Travel Duffle Bag for Men

Suit Protector Garment Bag

Suit Protector Garment Bag, $69.99

Dimensions: 21 × 12 × 12 inches | Material: Leather

What We Love It:

1. The waterproof exterior keeps your suits clean, dry, and safe.

2. Premium leather shows your professional business style.


Carry-On Garment Bag for Travel and Business Trips with Shoulder Strap - Gray

Carry-on Garment Bag

Carry-on Garment Bag, $50.62

Dimensions: 43 × 22 × 4 inches | Material: Polyester

What We Love It:

1. Multiple interior pockets for shoes and small items to help organize.

2. Water-resistant polyester construction with EVA foam padding for wrinkle-free transport.


Best Garment Bag for Dresses

WallyBags Travel Gown Garment Bag with Bridal Embroidery, Black-B1 Rose, 60-inch

Long Dress Garment Bag

Long Dress Garment Bag, $68.85

Dimensions: 60 × 22 × 3 inches | Material: Polyester

What We Love It:

1. Perfect size for storing evening attire

2. A fully lined interior and smooth lining provide added protection for delicate clothes.


PU Leather Duffle Bag Waterproof Garment Bags for Travel with Shoe Pouch

Garment Bag Duffel Bag

Garment Bag Duffel Bag, $60.99

Dimensions: 18.75 × 8.99 × 14.75 inches | Material: PU Leather

What We Love It:

1. The large capacity makes it ideal for savvy travelers who want an all-in-one bag for overnight jaunts or weekend getaways.

2. Interior buckles and magic tapes keep the clothing flat and prevent it from moving.


Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap

Garment Bag Hanger

Garment Bag Hanger, $43.99

Dimensions: 22.8 × 11 × 11.8 inches | Material: Polyester Fiber & Jacquard

What We Love It:

1. It can protect your clothing from wrinkling.

2. It has a shoe pouch on the left side of the bag to prevent getting clothes dirty.


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