Overnight Travel Bag to Keep You from Chaos

Overnight Travel Bag to Keep You from Chaos

An overnight day trip sometimes is better for relaxing than long-term trips. Because when it comes to a trip for weeks or even months, it calls for a detailed plan, expensive travel costs, and vibrant energy. A day trip is the opposite. It doesn’t require you to prepare plenty of things in advance. Some frequent travelers can even grab their small carry bags and set off just by determining a destination. Therefore, this travel pattern is suitable for those who need a quick escape.

An overnight day trip isn’t only about arriving at your destination. Here we are sharing some tips to help you plan your trip and pack your luggage so that you won't ruin your journey due to an incomplete packing list or an unrealistic travel plan.


How to Plan Your Day Trip?

1. Decide on a destination.

The first step of your trip, of course, is to decide where you are heading and then select a specific location there. If you are hesitant about it, searching for some travel bloggers and seeing their recommendations is a good idea. Or you can narrow your options according to the scenic views you’d like to visit or activities you want to participate in.

2. Make a list of the places and activities.

List the attractions and activities you are interested in at the location. But don’t list too long because you only have one day. And roughly estimate the back-and-forth distance between the places to ensure it will not take you much time on the road. You don’t have to plan in detail if you love surprises. But there is a risk you running around like a chicken with its head cut off and don’t know where to go.

3. Budget your trip.

Set a budget for your trip, including hotel, transportation, tickets, and recreation. Never waste your money so that you are well-prepared for your next trip.

4. Try the local specialty.

In addition to relaxing, another great advantage of traveling is that you can go out of your world and learn more about different cultural characteristics. The local cuisines and special events can make your little trip rich and colorful.

5. Enjoy the moment.

Give yourself a few hours to roam around the place you are planning to visit. Relaxing in a small coffee shop, strolling in a flea market, or walking along the street are great choices. Don’t be upset by trifles. Enjoy your day!


How to Pack Your Small Overnight Bag?

1. Choose the right bag.

The clue is in the title: small. We know some travelers tend to overpack since they think of all the “what ifs”. It is great to be well-prepared, but you don’t need much stuff for only one day. If you’re browsing around for a small packable weekender bag, keep scrolling to find your dream bag.

Travel Bag Backpack

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Weekender Bag Backpack

Weekender Bag Backpack, $89.00


Men’s Carry on Duffel Bag

Mens Carry on Duffel Bag, $59.99


Female Duffle Bag

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Weekend Bag Canvas

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Duffel Bag Gym

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2. Clothing

Pack 2 outfits at the most, a pair of jeans, pajamas, one bra, two pairs of underpants, and socks.

3. Toiletries

Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, wet wipes, shampoo, soap, facial cleanser, conditioner, and body lotion.

4. Cosmetics

Foundation, concealer, makeup sponge, powder, lip gloss, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner.

5. Other necessities

Credit cards, wallets, Prescription medications, and electronic chargers.

6. Optional items

An umbrella, sunglasses, hat, small blanket, camera, and extra shoes.


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