What to Pack in a Travel Toiletry Bag

What to Pack in a Travel Toiletry Bag

Are you preparing for a thrilling trip with your friends or your family? Well, you may think packing is both trivial and troublesome. From clothes, cameras, and other items that occupy a lot of compartments to sunscreen, keys, medications that are commonly used, you just want to pack everything in your luggage. Eventually, you managed to shove all of the necessities into your suitcase, but you found that there was another super important item you forgot to pack. How annoying! I know how you feel. Whether you are the person I describe above or a minimalist who prefers to travel light, you need a utilitarian and lightweight toiletry bag as your best travel companion.


How to Choose a Toiletry Bag for Travel?

Now that you know the significance of a toiletry bag before you purchase the best carry on toiletry bag for others or just for your next vacation, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Size

You must figure out whether you need a large capacity cosmetic bag for carry-on or a small hanging toiletry bag first. Most toiletry bags on the market now feature a large capacity to meet the needs of female customers who need to carry a large number of cosmetics, skincare products, accessories, and so on when traveling. But tiny toiletry bags are popular among men now. They are generally small, used to hold essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor, and so on, and equipped with a handle for easy carrying.

2. Material, Durability, and Design

You’d better choose a PU leather or canvas hanging toiletry bag which is water-repellent and scratch-resistant. Because I believe you don’t want your stuff in the bag to get wet on a rainy day or toiletries to leak out and then ruin all your clothes and valuables. And secondly, the durable material can promise you long-lasting use. Unless you want to buy a more stylish one, you need not be bothered by the quality of the bag frequently. The function of the bag is vital too. I prefer to choose one that has a sturdy hook so that I can hang it on the counter or on the door to save some space and keep stuff in the bag more organized.


What to Pack in a Travel Toiletry Bag?

Before packing, it is wise for you to make a list of the things you want to bring with you during the trip to help you make sure you don’t forget anything at home.


1. Toothbrush and toothpaste (and mouthwash for some of you)

2. Shampoo and shower gel

3. Comb

4. Razor

5. Deodorant and/or perfume

6. Passport, keys, purse, and credit card

7. Outfits you need to wear or disposable cloths


Makeup necessities and skincare products:

1. Cleansing products (like oil-based to remove makeup, foaming cleanser, etc.)

2. Liquid foundation

3. Sunscreen

4. Fixed makeup powder or makeup spray

5. Lip balm and/or lipstick

6. Moisturizer and body lotion

7. Facial cleanser and wet wipes



1. Hemostatic plaster

2. Advil

3. Antibiotics (your travel or family doctor can prescribe this for you just in case)


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