Women’s Makeup and Cosmetic Bags for Travel

Women’s Makeup and Cosmetic Bags for Travel

Travel is exciting, but the mess that awaits you in your travel cosmetics bag when you reach your destination is a disastrous tale, not to mention the spills and leaks. Whether you embark on a-few-day trips or heading off to a foreign city for your romantic honeymoon, you will need a portable cosmetic bag to transport your delicate beauty products and keep them organized and safe during your trip, and they sometimes can double to store your valuable jewelry, too.


What Makes a Great Travel Makeup Bag?

1. Material

Whether you go for a lightweight nylon makeup bag or prefer the leather texture, ensure your makeup bag is waterproof and leak-proof to keep your toiletries, cosmetics, and skincare products from leaking onto your favorite linen shirt (oops).

2. Size

When it comes to travel, it is crucial to optimize your space, but the perfect size of the makeup bag will vary from person to person. Opt for a large cosmetic bag to accommodate all your stuff and not feel like it screams out the bag if you’ve got a ton of products to travel with you.

3. Compartments

Some travelers have multiple makeup bags for different items, one for cosmetics, one for toiletries, one for hair care, and one for skin care, but that could take up much space in the luggage. Throwing all your beauty products in one bag and keeping them separate with different compartments is more convenient and comfortable to carry and use.

4. Designs

Some thoughtful designs, such as clear (or mesh) pouches for easier viewing through everything inside, a mirror for a midday touch-up, or a sturdy hook to hang the makeup bag anywhere, are a bonus that can make your travel easier and more convenient.


The Five Best Womens Makeup Travel Bags:

1. Clarity Jetset Case

Clear Makeup Bag for Travel


A clear makeup bag for travel is always an ideal option to help you quickly see what you have placed where. Truffle clear zip makeup bag is great for minimalists to carry their essentials while abiding by the 3-1-1 liquids rules.


2. Large Waterproof Fashionable Striped Travel Toiletry Bag for Women

Hanging Toiletry Bag for Travel

$35.99 AT BOSIDU

Bosidu hanging toiletry bag for travel features four transparent inner compartments that hold enough travel-sized toiletries and beauty products to keep you supplied for a week, yet small enough to stash in a suitcase or a duffle weekender bag.


3. Jumbo Zip Pouch

Travel Pouch Bag


This travel pouch bag can double as a clutch since it is stylish enough for a night out. It is simple yet still offers some great features, such as the water-resistant lining, easy-to-clean materials, and compact size, making this bag a practical and versatile option for any trip and event.


4. Large Makeup Bag

Double-layer Cosmetic Bag

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Divided into two separate compartments, this double-layer cosmetic bag is the perfect home for all your basics and makeup tools. The tough, waterproof feature nicely protects your delicate cosmetics.


5. New Ladies Fashion Canvas Handbag

Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

$26.00 AT BOSIDU

This travel cosmetic bag organizer comes with two different-sized compartments for storing your beloved beauty products separately. The sturdy PU leather handle is soft and comfortable to carry. We also love the waterproof canvas that allows you to use the bag in the bathroom.


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