A Quick Guide to Pack Toiletries in Your Cool Toiletry Bags

A Quick Guide to Pack Toiletries in Your Cool Toiletry Bags

Traveling can be fun if you have everything well organized. You have to organize many things. It is important to select a comfortable and toiletry bag. But whats more vital is how to pack your travel stuffs in a good way.

Thats great if you already got enough experience of packing for your travel, if not, also dont worry.

Keep reading, here is a quick guide to pack toiletries in your cool toiletry bags!


Step 1: Consider Your Travel Type

The cool toiletry bag selection will change depending on your travel type. Some points of your trip can help you decide your bag selection.

First, you have to focus on the travel duration. For short term travels, you can select the best backpack bags.

Second, your travel purpose is also an important factor (for camping, you need a different type of bag).

The last but not the least, contents that you will carry with you during travel will decide the volume and capacity


Step 2: Daily Basis Listing

Start by laying out all the grooming and beauty products you use on a day to day basis. Which of these can you take on your trip and which will you need to leave behind? Choose anything and everything you think you may need.

1. Hand Sanitizer

2. Makeup Remover

3. Comb/Brush

4. Shampoo and Conditioner

5. Body Wash and Soap

6. Face Wash and Scrub

7. Shaving Cream and Razor

8. Toothpaste & Toothbrush &  Mouthwash

9. Eye Cream and Face Moisturizer

10. Body Moisturizer and Body Powder

11. Sunblock and Hand Moisturizer

12. Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover


Step 3: Decide What Items You Can’t Live Without

Then, place each item into four categories:

  • Need
  • Want
  • Not required
  • Not applicable

Then create two piles: one for items you don’t need to take and one for items you absolutely do.

Now you know exactly what you have to pack for your coming travel and what not.  And if you know how much space you have, you can be more realistic about what will fit in your cool toiletry bag. 


Step 4: Pack and Eliminate

Then you can easily start your travel packing according to the available space (the size and shape, inside compartments and outside pockets) of your cool toiletry bag and the organized list of must-pack items.

Do a test run to see if everything fits in your toiletry bag. If you find that you have enough space, feel okay to pack a bit extra of your favorites.

If you find that there are too many things and the space in the wash bag is not enough. It will be a good idea to check again if there are any products you already own that that can work double-duty, then choose between two products that serve the same purpose. If not, consider some multi-use products or items to minimize your toiletries. 

There are various multi-use products on the market, such as:

Baby powder as dry shampoo

Shampoo as shower gel (only for short periods of time)

Conditioner as shaving cream

Face scrub as body scrub

Body moisturizer to smooth hair flyaway



I always travel with a small container of baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate). It has so many uses! It’s a great exfoliating face wash, you can wash your hair with it (though it does dry it out a bit so make sure you have conditioner), you can put it in your shoes after a sweaty day of sightseeing to keep them from smelling, you can brush your teeth with it, wash your clothes and dishes with it, and add it to a small amount of any liquid soap product to make your product last longer. Best of all, it’s natural, non-toxic and it’s not a liquid you have to worry about on planes and it’s cheap and available everywhere in the world.






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