Travel Backpacker Bags — A Buying Guide for One Bag Travel

Travel Backpacker Bags — A Buying Guide for One Bag Travel

When you are determined to travel the world with one carry-on luggage to relieve some of the nerves or escape from the day-to-day grind, your next step is to dust off old luggage or consider a new replacement for a better experience on the road.

And with the trends in traveling with one backpack, it might sound like a nightmare for some travelers to haul a change of clothes, footwear, toiletries, and other accessories you need for extended trips in a backpack, particularly when you are used to rolling a suitcase on cities’ roads.

But if you plan to move around from place to place during your trip, hop on buses or trains, or embark on an adventure through the forest, what other travel gear is better than a travel backpack?

As long as you find the right backpack with capacious storage to fit everything you might need yet is still comfortable to carry around without feeling like lumbering with an aching body, you will know how is it terrific to travel with one carry-on backpack.


The Best Mens Backpack Travel Bag to Buy:


High-end Men’s Travel Bag


Dimensions: 18.11 × 9.45 × 10.83 inches | Material: Nylon | Capacity: 18L | Color: Black

If your trip includes day hikes or urban sightseeing in the heat, this high-end men’s travel bag is just about the perfect backpack for adventuring. It has a ventilated mesh backpack panel to keep your back cool, so there is no need to worry about the discomfort of a sweaty pack anymore! It’s lightweight, pretty affordable, and looks minimalist, and we like the EVA foam that enhances breathability and comfortable stretch.


2. 3-Way Sports Duffel Bags for Men with Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket

Tote Backpack Bag

$49.99 AT BOSIDU

Dimensions: 24.4 × 10.6 × 11 inches | Material: Oxford | Capacity: 45L | Color: Gray

With a capacity of 45L, this tote backpack bag can efficiently work for a quick weekend jaunt. It has a adjustable, removable shoulder strap so you can wear it as a crossbody, duffel, or backpack. We love the separate shoe compartment and the wet pocket because they can help us sort stuff in different areas and keep us clean and spiffy.



One-bag Travel Backpack


Dimensions: 20.9 × 13.4 × 7 (standard) inches | Material: Nylon | Capacity: 30L | Color: Midnight

If you embark on a three-day trip or under and think a backpack with 40L capacity is unnecessary for it, then you should try this one-bag travel backpack. Except for the pockets for common travel supplies, it also comes with padded laptop and tablet sleeves, which are perfect for transporting your tech. The decent size is air travel friendly, which means you can take it onboard as your personal item.



3-way Backpack Handbag


Dimensions: 12.5 × 20 × 7 inches | Material: Nylon | Capacity: 30L | Color: Charcoal

Features built-in attachment clips, it allows you to piggyback a small pack to this 3-way backpack handbag. With the main compartment and some basic organizational pockets, this travel backpack is an ideal companion for short trips or daily wear.


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